Emily Henderson

Emily Henderson is an interior designer, stylist, TV host, and founder of Emily Henderson Design. Her work has been featured in InStyle, House Beautiful, Domino, and of course, Real Simple. She is the author of Styled: Secrets for Arranging Rooms, from Tabletops to Bookshelves. She lives on the West Coast with her husband, son, and daughter.


Keyanna Bowen

Keyanna Bowen is a Maryland-based Interiors photographer and blogger of the popular design and lifestyle blog, East & Lane. As a photographer and content creator, her work has been featured in the world’s leading publications. She is also the host of “Renters Guide to DIY”, a home makeover web series for Lowe’s Home Improvement, and a design contributor for Emily Henderson Design. When she’s not traveling for photoshoots and creative projects, you can find her enjoying the outdoors and the slow-paced lifestyle of Coastal Maryland with her husband Daniel, and fur babies.


Eduardo Rodriguez

Eduardo Rodriguez is a multifaceted designer based in Manhattan where he founded his design studio DSGNER in 2006.  As an interior designer, his objective is transforming each space into a stylish and one-of-a-kind living experience by creating a tailored and timeless design concept. His design aesthetic is modern, somewhat minimalist but with an edge, and he’s known for his unique talent of mixing styles, layering textures and playing with color. His work has been featured in Real Simple, Inside Outside: A Source of Inspired Garden Rooms, New York Cottages & Gardens and in lifestyle blogs such as Curbed NY and Young House Love.


Raili Clasen

California inspired designer Raili Clasen’s work has been described as “great design with a wink.” ​Raili’s projects range from the Kelly Slater Surf Ranch, Surfline headquarters, the Loge Camp hotel, Urban Flix headquarters and Peninsula Point Tennis Club, to her mainstay residential projects located throughout the country.


Natalie Papier, Home Ec.

Home Ec. is a bold and eclectic interior design company owned and managed by Natalie Papier: artist, designer and influencer.  With a lifelong love of art and color, she has a strong belief that homes should be a reflection of the people who live in them, full of life, character and warmth.  As an artist herself, Natalie is a firm believer in supporting original art.  Her bold and playful designs have been featured in publications such as Domino, HGTV Magazine and Apartment Therapy as well as being recently honored with the 360 award from the Design Society of America.


Leslie Corona

Leslie Corona is the senior home editor at REAL SIMPLE, where she writes about cleaning, decorating, and organizing. Her past work experience includes Good HousekeepingHGTV Magazine, and Parents magazine. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband.


Katie Holdefehr

Katie Holdefehr is a senior editor at, where she writes about everything home-related, from the best removable wallpaper to tried-and-true cleaning tips. On the weekends you’ll find her hacking IKEA furniture and painting the kitchen cabinets in her 90-year-old Brooklyn apartment.


Delia Kenza

Delia Kenza is a Brooklyn-based interior designer who specializes in complete renovations of urban living spaces. She officially launched her career in home design nine years ago, putting her stamp on a diverse range of projects–from her own real estate investments to renovations for clients who place unequivocal trust in her design vision for their homes. Preferring bold, clean lines, natural materials and a neutral palette augmented by carefully chosen color accents, Delia Kenza creates custom interiors with a very modern aesthetic that incorporates subtle touches of the past.


Kin and Kasa

Ryia Jose is a content creator in the design/DIY niche and the talent behind Kin and Kasa. She has always had an eye for design, which led her to design clothing for her online pop-up boutique in India. Her move to the US three years ago, saw Ryia dive into interior design as she started converting her house into her dream home, one space at a time.


Nikki Boyd

Nikki Boyd is a professional organizer and home lifestyle influencer based in Charleston, S.C. She hosts a popular video series, At Home with Nikki, and is the author of Beautifully Organized.